Stone paneled walls for your home

You are most likely not the only one who is looking to get this type of look for their living space.  There are some people who are very attracted to the old Chicago, industrial style looks for their personal living spaces.  This is something that is becoming more popular as the years pass by.  The reason that there are options being put out into an information blog for people is so that they can take charge of their home improvement projects and make their own difference on their new and or exiting homes.  There will be a very good chance that you will really enjoy having a wall in your home that is covered in stone panels.

There will always be a market for home improvement projects because nearly everyone has a roof over their head that they are able to call their home.  The last thing that anyone would want is a home that does not have the style and design to it that they are not interested in. You will want to be very careful so that this wall, which you have chosen for your stone panels is not bumped.

The most common reason that people have chosen to make a wall in their living space that is designed especially is for looks only.  This usually means that the wall is only meant to be literally looked at.  There should be not contact with that wall or any kind of disturbances to that wall.  This type of wall that people are usually referring to is a wall that is made out of stone panels.  If you are at all familiar with interior designing, there are many times that people choose to paint an accent wall.  An accent wall is a wall that is picked out in a room that is meant for the wall that will add a different style to the room.

However, there is a whole different level that people can choose to go with for their accent wall in their home.  There are a team of professionals that are waiting for your business to take on this project for you.  Have you ever heard of stone panels?  These are the new things that people are choosing to cover their walls at the home with.  If you choose the correct type of stone panels you will have very good luck in making your home have the best interior design in your neighborhood.

Stone panels can become very heavy if you have decided to go with the type of stone panels that are very heavy.  You will know if you have chosen this type of stone panel because you will not be able to carry multiple of them at one time.  This is another reason that it is very important that you have a professional do the work for you so that they can carry the heavy stone panels.  If the stone panels that you have chosen for your home are made out of 100% stone then they will be heavier than any other panel.

Use Faux Stone Products on your Next Home Improvement Project

There are products that mimic the real thing when it comes to rock, brick and stone used for your home or business beautification needs. Many of these companies that produce these false products that are made to look like the real thing are not very durable and some look “fake.” However, Genstone products not only look like the real thing, but they perform just as well as they look. They are very beautiful made of durable products that are guaranteed for 25 years. This warrantee is amazing as you won’t find it with any other of the faux products on the market. You may want to add some “splash” to your business or home to give it a certain look that you are trying to achieve. By adding to the exterior of your home it can make it look a lot more expensive and pleasing. It will usually increase the value of your home. You can use these beautiful products and you will only be pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to install. Because they are light weight and durable, they make installing them a breeze. You can do it by yourself since they are only between 1 and 1 ½ pound a piece depending on the size of the panels that you purchase. There are many different options and colors to choose from. It depends on what you like. The online representative can assist you with matching color and give you advice about what you need to make sure that you know all the facts and that you order all the things that you are going to need before you begin you project.

Believe me the comments that you are going to get from neighbors or colleagues are going to be very positive. When you tell them that you did it yourself, they will be pleasantly surprised. And you can choose to tell them whether the products are authentic. They look like the real thing but you don’t have the expense of hiring a stone mason to put on stone. You instead have the look of stone when actually it is faux stone panels. They are so easy to work with and light weight that you can install them yourself. All you need are a few everyday tools that most people already have. You will be able to increase the value of your home or business by adding the addition of this beautiful faux stone product. You will be surprised at the result that you have achieved. It will look very beautiful and very authentic.

There are different times of the year when people decide to do some home improvement projects. One of those times is in the summer. It stays light later and is nice and warm. This is the perfect time to do a home improvement project. You will enjoy working with this faux stone product. You will also be happy with the results of installing as it is very easy and you need not have anyone else to help you.

Stone siding can give your home an expensive look without the expensive cost.

Masonry construction can be very expensive. For those of you who do not know, masonry is the construction of a home or building using individual units that are laid and then bound together using mortar. Masonry construction is most often completed using brick, stone, marble, granite, and concrete. The units can be assemble in a variety of different patterns in order to meet the needs and desires of the client. Masonry is most commonly utilized for building walls and adding more strength and structure to a building or dwelling space. Masonry construction has been around for a very long time and requires a special set of skills in order to complete it properly. Brick and concrete are the most common materials used for masonry construction today and have gained in popularity due to their natural fire protection qualities. Masonry construction requires less up keep and therefore may reduce maintenance costs for your home over time. The greatest disadvantage of traditional masonry construction today is the cost. The work is tedious and the time required to complete a project can be very lengthy.

If you prefer the look of masonry construction but do not appreciate the cost, not to worry, there are options out there that can fit both your style and your budget. Genstone is a faux stone panel system that is cast from real stone, brick, or rock that can give your home the look of masonry construction without the time or cost required for traditional masonry work.  Genstone is designed to be very easy to install and can be installed by anyone who has basic carpentry skills. Genstone products provide the quality, durability, and authentic look of stone siding where other faux stone products can fall short. All Genstone products come with a twenty five year warranty in order to ensure that customers are receiving the quality that they paid for and expect. Below is a list of some of the most popular products offered by Genstone.

1. Stacked Stone

Gentone’s Stacked Stone product can be installed in a variety of unique patterns and colors to match the style of any home or building. The stones vary in size, texture, and color in order to provide an authentic look that will increase the curb appeal of any home.

2. Random Rock

Gentone’s Random Rock product utilizes faux stone that comes in various colors and sizes. Random Rock is cut in a way that best exemplifies traditional masonry construction for authentic look.

3. American Brick

American Brick from Genstone is one of the most popular products that they offer. Genstone’s American Brick product provides a classic look and feel without the costly installation and construction fees. The special molding process that is used by Genstone to create their American Brick product allows for an authentic vintage appearance.

All of the above listed Genstone products are offered in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Even if your home is a unique color or style, there is a Genstone product out there that will look great and will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Quality of stone veneer one of five things to look at when purchasing a new home

Buying a new home is a challenging endeavor for even the most experienced homeowner. When picking out a new home, there are a lot of different factors to consider and to pay attention to as you move forward with a purchase. Here are some of the most important ones to think about.

1. First, consider the price of the home you are looking to purchase and determine what you can afford. With a loan officer you can calculate how much the monthly mortgage payment would be on various home prices.Then examine your monthly budget and see what you can truly afford. Do not forget to factor in homeowner’s association fees or insurance into your monthly budget when calculating how much home you can afford.

2. Next, think about the neighborhood you want to live in and make sure that it matches your budget. A quick internet search will tell you the mean and median home prices in your area, and help you figure out how much space you can get in that neighborhood for your budget. A good realtor will help you determine what is feasible or what might not work out.

3. Third, consider what it is you want in a home. Are there things that you simply cannot stand that would eliminate a house from contention? There are many different interior decorating ideas that can help you personalize a home and make it your own, even if you hate the previous owner’s style. Trying to see past superficial items such as ugly paint colors or bad carpet will help you see the true potential of any home.

4. The exterior of the home matters as much as the interior of the home. Are the other houses in the neighborhood in good condition? You want to be sure that the stone siding of a home is up to par, and that it was installed by a reputable vendor such as Gen Stone. If the landscaping in the neighborhood is not regularly maintained, it can affect the value of your home as well. It is important for all of the homes in the neighborhood to keep up their exteriors whether they be brick veneer faux, wood, or any other material.

5. The value of the homes in the neighborhood will be a factor in this fifth consideration, but if you are ever going to have children, you will need to consider the quality of the school district in which the home is located. A lower priced home might be better for your monthly budget, but if it means that the quality of the school district is also lower, it might not be worth the trade off.

These are just a few of the major considerations to think about when looking for and considering purchasing a home. There will undoubtedly be others, depending on what you and your family are looking for and a variety of other personal factors that will affect your decision. Owning a home is not the right move for everyone, but it can be a really rewarding effort.

Talking About Stone Siding Wasn’t A Bad Way To Make A Living

We should all be grateful to have work these days because there has been a time before, as I’m sure there will be again, where work is not available for a lot of people. I think that we all have these big dreams and if it was our parents who told us or not, someone told us to dream big and reach for the stars. I used to think about the inspector gadget cartoon when my teachers would literally tell me to reach for the stars, then I’d imagine my go-go-gadget arms extending towards the sky. Our teachers tell us a lot, it’s their job to be optimistic about things, so the harsh realities of the world don’t trample our spirits before they’ve been taught to lift off the ground. They can’t tell us that some of us are going to end up flipping burgers or changing people’s oil for a living, that wouldn’t be very encouraging. Some people are taught to want and feel like they deserve more, when others are just happy for what they have. I don’t believe that anyone should ever sell themselves short, however I do think that humility and a sense of gratitude are positive human emotions that make us better as people. The problem is, too many humble and grateful people have been slaughtered by and down-trodden by those who don’t posses those qualities at all. Everything in this life is a double-edged sword, and I guess that my job is no different.

I worked for a housing developer, I was the man on site who set up is office in a model home and talked to prospective home-buyers about one or more of four or five different models that we were selling. Once interested and ready to move on with the financing, the customer would choose their exterior and interior finish options with me. We offered three different elevation choices for each different model. One, which was my favorite, had a real pretty, authentic-looking stone veneer that wrapped around the bottom three feet of the entire house. Above that, it didn’t matter if there was stone or not, was stucco all the way to where the exterior walls met the roof. Real stone would be way too expensive for this kind of development and our demographic, plus no one really cares about stone as a respectable building material anymore anyway. People just like the look so like faux wooden blinds, faux stone has made a splash in the housing market for it’s durability and sharp look.

My job wasn’t bad, people came to me and I talked to them about obtaining a piece of their dream, that’s not so terrible right? Sometimes it’s easy to get down on yourself and think that you could of done better, but talking to people about stone siding all day would be better than a lot of the things that I could have stumbled into. I’m still motivated, I’m not selling myself short but at the same time, I’m happy with what I’ve got and I’m not going to take any of it for granted.


Updating our entry way with brick veneer

It has taken us several years to get to this point, where we are able to make some substantial changes to our home. We always planned to make these improvements, but we didn’t have the time or the money to invest in doing them. We didn’t have the time to do them ourselves, and we didn’t have the funds to hire someone else to do them for us. So we just waited until things would work out better and we would be able to do everything on our list.  Now that we are in a much better position to be able to hire someone to come in and get at least something started for us, we decided to begin with our bland entry way into the home. We have always loved the look of those brick or stone homes, and though we couldn’t afford one when we purchased our little cottage, we still wanted to incorporate that look. So we are adding the brick veneer to the entire entry way outside, and this will add quite the effect to the view from the street looking up to the front door. The contractor that we hired to do the work is the one who turned us on to the visual effects of the brick veneer, and we really like it in every place that we have seen it installed and used. It has the look and the feel of brick entry way’s that we love about the older brick homes on our block, but it was applied to the exterior and so there was no need for any kind of demolition work or remodeling. The contractor just applied the brick veneer to the outside of the existing exterior wall, and that was the only thing that had to happen. We actually like the look and feel of the brick veneer texture that we are going to most likely add it to several other areas of the house, externally and internally. The back of the house, where we have a back door and a large patio space, would look much better if we added the brick veneer there, and that would cut down on the wear and tear of the walls near the door and the garden hose. There is a shed in the back yard that we use for all kinds of out door gear and gardening things, and that would be covered in brick veneer as well. We aren’t sure where in the list of priorities we would put that, but we are sure we want to do it, after how well the entry way with the brick veneer came out. There may even be some areas down in the basement where we want to put the brick veneer, because there is a wall down there that could really benefit if it had the appearance of the brick instead of the regular, plain and boring white paint that is down there currently. These are all things that we will get to soon, now that we have started with the front door.

Faux stones are easy for anybody to do

Faux stone panels are different than any other Mason a product that you may have seen on the market before. Unlike traditional Masonry items you do not have to stack them individually one stone at a time. They come in stone panels with several already attached to one piece. This allows construction time to go much quicker when using a product like this. This is also easy product enough that any homeowner could take on the task if they wanted to. I would takes is a little bit of know how to Saul drill and cut. These specialized stone panels are also made of rock and stone. They are grinding down and produced in order to give that looking feel of regular stone. But because of its unique stone the near finish to it, it looks just like a regular product. The advantage is in having it built into a panel. This allows construction times to be greatly decreased. Different types of stone siding are available for you to install on your home. There are many different options to choose from and these larger panels make a process much quicker. If you were looking for a new look for your home or even a fireplace this is the way to go. It’s easy to install it installs quickly and can be a real added benefit to the look and feel of your home. There are no other products quite like this on the market today and being able to have this type of stone on your home gives it a quality look and adds value to your home.. Is a great product on the market today for anyone whether a homeowner or a professional it’s a great way to add great detail onto a home much easier than one brick at a time. The products are simple enough to deal with that anyone can install them. It’s a great option for anybody looking to change up the look of their home and add some value at the same time. Homes hardly ever are built out of real stone blocks but everybody wants the look without having to pay the price for it. These faux can be the best way to do this process and add the value you’re looking for. These larger locked in place panels give a great look by maintaining the random pattern and the locking system with them is unbeatable. These stones also offer up a 25 year warranty which is unmatched by almost any product similar to it today. If you were looking for a product that can improve the look and feel of your home then looking into what these stone panels can do for you is a great place to start. These stone siding panels can be one of the easiest and best ways to be able to get you into a professional looking stone without having to pay the professional rice. With many options and colors available there is one to fit anyone’s needs. If you are looking to add on a section of your house then this can be the way to go. You get that natural look and random rock style that you were looking for. With many earth tone colors available it can fit just about any house color out there today. It also works in many different climates making it a flexible product to use the matter where you live.  When you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your home look into faux to see what it can do for you.

Getting a new stone veneer exterior

We have finally decided to get a move on the exterior remodel for our house. We aren’t selling just yet, but we do want to get some curb appeal, even just so we like the place better. We are going to start by adding a stone veneer surface to the front of the house to make the place look like it is brick. They actually use real stone to create the mold for the stone veneers, that way you can’t really tell that it isn’t actually stone. But since it isn’t stone, you can do it yourself and don’t have to hire someone to do the work for you. I love that idea, because I’m really thinking about the budget that we have for the remodel, and I don’t want to get carried away on money for a contractor if we can just do the work ourselves. We have already picked out the look and color of the stone veneers, and the next step is going to be laying out the new gardens that we want around the side and into the front of the house. I think we may even plant a few trees, so that in a few years when we are ready to sell they will be more mature and add that nice shade that people like when they are looking at homes.  Just the stone veneers alone are going to be a really big change, and the house is going to look really different when we get that piece on.

Finding new uses for stone veneer

As a company, we are always looking at ways that we can expand our market and increase our customer awareness. Our main, star product is the stone veneer. They can be installed by anyone, and onto almost any surface. Real stones are used for the mold, so while they look like stone, they are just a thin layer over another surface, making them very light and easy to handle and install. There is no need for a general contractor to get the work done for you, and it can instantly change the look and feel of the home or back yard or wherever the stone veneers are placed. But we are always on the look out for other products that fit in with our company line of products, or other uses for the products that we do sell. There are always customers who return to tell us what they did with the stone veneers, and we always keep an updated list so that we can use it in our marketing materials and other avenues where we connect with potential customers. The stone veneers have been used inside and outside, as a kitchen back splash and as the sides of a built in pool. There are chimneys that are covered with stone veneers, and driveways that are made out of them to change the look from asphalt to stone. There are also fire places inside homes that have these stone veneers on them, changing the look of a piece that would be difficult to get rid of otherwise. This is why we continue to grow, we are always expanding our product uses.

Stone siding looks great on homes in the mountains.

Growing up, I had quite a few friends that lived in a more rural setting in the mountains just to the northeast of Fort Collins.  They lived up the Poudre canyon in some really gorgeous homes.  I am actually really fond of the homes in which they grew up and would not mind retiring to a house like that in many years.  Nonetheless, some of these houses were custom built and done in a really impressive way.  I know that my friend Bryce’s house was at one time a really tiny, two bedroom house that is now huge.  It took his parents to reach a level of financial security for them to really have the confidence to expand.  I guess that do not want may statement to be misinterpreted, but they did want to reach a level of more financial security before expanding their home.  I feel like most people, most responsible people that is, would think that way.  Nonetheless, their home look great and it looks great in part due to the stone veneer they put on the side of the house with their hot tub and barbecue area.  It looks great.  Also below the deck, they put up some stone siding, which also looks fantastic.  I really like all of the work that they have done to make their home look beautiful.  I really appreciate the time and the energy they used to make their dreams a reality.  It truly is inspirational that some of my friends can accomplish that.

Stone Veneers Can Work Well For You

Renovations in your home might be a necessity, but it will be vital to know why it is important to have the best stone veneers in your home. Many people will offer you a lot of reasons as to why you should just get your home remade, but this guide will instruct you as to why you should get the best stone veneers.

Stone Veneers Work Well

When it comes to getting the best stone veneers, you need to understand why they are better than complete home renovations.

  1. Cost efficient. When it comes to cutting down costs and working on a budget, stone paneling is the right option for you. You can get the stone of your dreams without having to pay thousands of dollars for it. Unless you have the money for a complete stone renovation, stone veneers will work best for you.
  2. Easy install. Stone veneers only require a short amount of actual work, so contractors can rework the entire home in a short time. If you do not like people working on your home for several weeks or months, then stone veneers will work ideally.
  3. Good quality. While real stone walls offer good quality, stone veneers are good quality and allow you to remove them if you no longer like them. This offers you both quality and convenience.


When it comes to renovations, faux stone is high on the tier of wants and desires for people. You need to know that you can make your home look classy without too much investment or work.

The Main Benefits of Stone Veneer

There are numerous advantages to using stone veneer compared to natural stone when constructing a building, or using the look for design reasons. Here are some of the top benefits:

Simple Implementations – stone veneers take little time to install – similar to how one would install wallpaper. However, there are additional installation steps needed to ensure it lasts. Due to weight factor of natural stone, veneers are considered light on the back, and reduce the time it takes to lift and set into place.

The Cost – stone veneers cost much less than other types of construction material. Another alternative is brick veneer faux panels, which also offer a unique look. Even though the building may not have been built from solid stone, these panels can hold up for a very long time, and they cost only a fraction of this naturals’ cost. This in and of itself, makes it extremely attractive to homeowners who are seeking to renovate their home.

The Look – designing a home on a budget is tough. But the options on the marketplace make it easy to get a material or design that suits your preferences. As an example, many homeowners will tackle DIY redesigns by adding stone veneers at the entryway of their home – to add contrast to the existing structure. In addition, these panels can be used in varied sections of the home including in the kitchen, living room, and even in a kiddie’s playroom.

Best of all, no one will even know that the material is not the authentic piece just by looking at it.

You need some brick veneer in this room

The thing about this is that I am a person who thinks very highly of stone veneer, this is just who I am and what I think about. I also think that there are a lot of people who are thinking about their future and I want you to know that I hope you are part of it. There is something that is familiar. Is it that you are familiar? I am not sure. I think I might have to dwell on that a bit and think about the fact that when I started talking to you I am not sure what brought me over to you. But I went over and I started talking and you talked right back to me. I know that it was a fun conversation and that when I played a game with you and your friends, I know that you had a lot of fun. I know this because I think I might know you from somewhere. It is uncanny how much we have in common and I am so surprised that we have never met before. It might have something to do with the fact that I was with the wrong person for a really long time. He was however the right person at the time because I was needing someone that was just like him at that time. The faux stone was a nice touch and I think that next time I will do the same for the kitchen and living room counter tops.

interesting stone for your home

As we continue to talk about stone siding, I would like to direct your attention to the person down the block. Their name is the Hendersons and they have done a really great job with the outside of their shed. I know you thought I was going to say the outside of their house, but no, I said shed. And if you take a walk down the street around the corner and a little through the woods, you will see the greatest about of stone siding that you have ever seen in this little neighborhood. So back to the vision. Along with this problem that may happen in the sky, we may just have a completely different feeling here on earth and that is certainly and interesting thing for me to think about. It makes me think that what we are doing now does not matter much and that overwhelming feeling that I have had that says that I should be nice to people generally. I know this is what is expected of me. I also know that this is what is not expected of everyone. The other thing is that this vision sounds a lot like this show called revolution. It is a good show, without a doubt, but it is very similar to this vision he had. So as this happens in the atmosphere and we are cut off from all electricity we may need to find new ways of living and this means probably no living in an apartment anymore. Too bad. I like the idea of a house with stone panels.

Easy, affordable, and my house looks great

I am a huge fan of Pinterest. Pinterest is my favorite website to go to because it has all of the do-it-yourself projects that I love! I can make great gifts and additions to my home. In fact, just finished a project inspired by Pinterest. I did a stone veneer around my porch.

I have always been the do-it-yourself kind of person. I like to keep busy with different projects around the house, so when I noticed that my house needed something a little extra, I simply went onto Pinterest.

I decided to give my porch a little extra umph by putting on this faux stone. I live in a cookie cutter neighborhood and while I love the location, I am bored with every house looking the same. I try to spruce up my house a little more by adding a great garden, a fun porch, and now a completely renovated porch!

I would say that the curb appeal of my house looks even better now that I put the faux stone on my porch. It gives my house a little bit more character than some of my neighbors. Plus, I figured that if and when we want to sell our house, more people would be interested in its character. That is, I find that more and more people like houses that have a little bit of personality. No one likes to feel like there home is boring, so you should look into polishing your home with this faux stone as well.

I Need Brick Veneers Today

Are you looking for a stone veneer today? Many people are beginning to realize that having a veneer for their solitude but with having something that you want without having what. Some can be very expensive and you do not need to incur this expenses are much you can honestly that is why stone panels are becoming more popular each day as people are able to glue on the stone panels and make their home look like it’s and that liberals that. This is very good for people who are unable to make the full purchase or do not want to have the time to do it you can make your home look delicate as possible without having. He just need to know the right company that you can go to for your best stone need. Gen Stone products is one of those company that you know that you can trust. David a years helping people get the best panels that they deserve from the stone of their choice. They have a plethora of options available for you and it is up to you to ensure that you get option that is allotted. Go to every option before you make a final choices will make things much easier for you. Do not allow anybody to dictate to you exactly what you should get out of your everyday needs as you are entitled to exactly what you deserve. Your panels will be elegantly made if you go to a company like this who wants to provide you with everything necessary to get you started.